7 Tips For Buying A Manufactured Home

buying a manufactured home

7 Tips For Buying A Manufactured Home

Buying a manufactured home can be confusing if you don’t know the right questions to ask.  It can very stressful anytime you’re looking for new digs, and the Manufactured/Mobile Home realm is no different. Here are 7 tips that can help alleviate some of the stress.

1. Establish Your Price Range

Knowing what you’re able to afford should always be the buyers’ number one priority when searching the housing market. With Manufactured/Mobile home buyers, not only is it imperative that you find for homes in your price range but Mobile Home Parks that fit your price range as well. So, be honest with yourself and do your research.

2. Get Financing Early

Like Traditional Home Financing, Manufactured/Mobile Home Financing has become a little easier to acquire within the last 3 years. Many Mortgage Companies have loosened up their requirements to accommodate the Manufactured Home Community. That being said, it can still be a lengthy process. Many of the Lenders take a minimal of 21 days from start to finish, and that’s only if you have all the required documentation they need and all the stars aligned perfectly. The best thing to remember if you are needing a Manufactured/Mobile Home Loan is to start the process early, like BEFORE you begin searching for homes. Getting the financing in place prior to actively looking for a home, will allow you to gather what information the Mortgage Company needs without stressing about time. Having your financing dialed in will also show a seller that you’re serious about buying.

3. Pick Your Area

This seems like an obvious tip, but there are many times when talking with prospective buyers that when the question of location is asked, the conversation lulls. When you’re picking out a location where you’d like to purchase a Manufactured/Mobile Home, use the “SSS Method” or Safety, Schools and Scenery. Research the Safety of the area by checking the local city data websites or just click here. Whether you have children or not, a lot can be said about an area by the surrounding Schools, so go online and see how they stack up. Finally, the only way you can compare the Scenery is to get out and physically explore the area. Driving through the park is great, but a buyer must also get to know the surrounding area. So, remember Safety, Schools, Scenery, you can’t lose.

4. Don’t Settle For, “Meh”

I can’t stress this enough to my Manufactured/Mobile Home buyers. Don’t settle for something you’re not entirely happy with. More times than not, whenever we had a buyer “settle” for a home, it usually ends badly. There’s either a problem with the home, or the park, or the park manager, something usually happens within the first 12 to 18 months of them owning the home. So, regardless of your situation, never, ever, ever settle for a home. You deserve a home that fits your needs.

5. Inspection, Insurance, Warranty

When buyers ask me, whether or not they should have an inspection done on a Manufactured/Mobile Home they are interested in, my response is a resounding “YES!” Not only do many lenders require an inspection to be done, but even if you’re paying cash for a home, an inspection gives you ease of mind. While we’re talking about peace of mind, Manufactured/Mobile Home Insurance is also something you should research prior to purchase. Not all Insurance Companies cover Manufactured/Mobile Homes, so it’s important to be proactive. I also recommend a home warranty of some sort. First American offers a great home warranty for home buyers. It’s very affordable and worth every penny if an appliance goes decides to stop working. You can also read some home warranty review experts who have penned down the pros and cons.

6. Speak with the Park Manager and Park Residents

Since you’re going to have to meet with the Park Manager to fill out their Park Application, it’s a smart idea to sit down with the manager and find out all you can about the Park and the Park Rules. The Manager should be able to give you more insight into what is or is not accepted in the park. It’s also a smart idea to talk with other residents of the park. Residents will always give you their perspective of how the Park treats the community.

7. Good Representation

Of course what kind of a self-promoter would I be if I didn’t include this. Getting someone who knows the ins and outs of the Manufactured/Mobile home business in your corner can really save you in money and headaches. This is where a Manufactured Home Dealer comes in. Unlike a typical Real Estate Agent, Manufactured/Mobile Home Dealers strictly deal with Manufactured/Mobile Homes. This means that they will have more relationships with Lenders, Parks and Park Managers. Manufactured/Mobile Home Dealers will be able to do all of the required State Paperwork for you, and handle all of the necessary Title work. That being said, there are quite a few Manufactured/Mobile Home Dealers in the Portland Metro Area, so you want someone who truly looks out for your needs and the needs of your family. I would rather lose a commission check than set a client up for failure.

There you have it. If you’re interested in buying a manufactured home or selling your Manufactured/Mobile Home, contact us. Also, if you have any moving or buying tips, leave a comment. Thanks for reading!  Feel free to view our current homes for sale by clicking here.      

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3 thoughts on “7 Tips For Buying A Manufactured Home”

  • Jessie Holloway

    I love how you advise not to just settle for a home when looking. My sister and her husband are trying to move house and are looking at manufactured homes. Making sure not to just settle for anything to ensure you’re happy with the place is great advice even if you’ve been looking for a bit. http://www.kermanmobilehomes.com/

  • Sam Andrews

    Ooh, nice! I’ll definitely ask my brother-in-law to check this article out before approaching a real estate agent sometime soon. You see, he’s gonna live in Georgia for a year due to work commitment so his plan is to find a rental house. Thanks for reminding us to make sure the mobile home we opt for is well-insured so we can avoid liability issues.

    • Helping Hand Equity

      Happy to help! Yes, insurance is vital. You never know what can happen and having plenty of coverage will help you to sleep better at night. 🙂

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  • Victoria Addington

    It was fascinating to know that we should look for mobile homes in our price range. My friend wants to opt for mobile home loans. I should advise her to look for a firm that keeps the loan process as simple and pleasant as possible for their clients.

  • Zachary Tomlinson

    You made a good point about finding a livable community before purchasing a mobile home since this can make or break your new lifestyle. My aunt is looking for a new place to stay for her retirement. I should talk to her about finding a community that can help her out with this someday.


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