4 Truths About “Trailer Park” Living

truth about trailer park living

Prior to us becoming Mobile and Manufactured Home Dealers, my wife and I didn’t have much to think about Mobile and Manufactured Homes. The show “Trailer Park Boys” which we would watch a lot, didn’t help with that. In fact, we even snickered once or twice to each other about being part of the “trailer park” community. Our feelings towards the Mobile and Manufactured Home Community changed pretty quick, when we actually sat down and starting talking and helping folks buy a Mobile and Manufactured Homes.

There’s a bit of a stigmata surrounding Mobile and Manufactured Home living, for many reasons. Some reasons are understandable, some are misnomers, and an overwhelmingly amount of the negative perceptions are just inaccurate. Let’s delve into some of these myths that surround Mobile and Manufactured Home living.

1. Right off the bat, let’s stop using the term “trailer park” when referring to Mobile and Manufactured Home Communities.

That term for some reason has stuck with these communities for decades, despite a majority Manufactured and Mobile Home Communities not having a single trailer in it. The term “trailer park” originated in the early 20th century and refers to campers that were pulled behind vehicles. When you’d go on vacation with the family, you’d go to these open fields, usually located by water, find a space or lot for the family Trailer to Park. Thus, the trailer parks were born. There are still trailer parks, but they are more for the recreational groups, than permanent housing. There’s a great video that mobilehomeliving.org has if you’re interested in the evolution of the Mobile and Manufactured Home.

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2. No, Mobile and Manufactured Homes do not attract Tornadoes, (I think this was an episode of Myth Busters).

While it is true that in Tornado Alley many Mobile and Manufactured Home Communities are devastated by tornadoes, but so are traditional homes, especially when a F4 or F5 monster rolls through. Mother nature doesn’t discriminate when she gets angry. A great article from AccuWeather.com writer Jillian MacMath explains this misconception really well.

3. “The people who live in ‘trailer parks’ are usually poor or lower income.”

Wrong and double wrong. Manufactured Home living is not for everyone for sure, but it’s not just reserved for the “poor” either. Just like any other community, Manufactured and Mobile Home Communities demographics vary. To give you an example, we currently have 3 Manufactured Homes where lot rent alone is between 785 to 900 a month, that’s not including utilities and mortgage payment. On the other hand, we have homes that lot rent is around 400 a month and includes water, sewer and garbage. Just like traditional home’s it’s all about “Location, Location, Location.” I would say that Manufactured Home’s are more affordable housing, than lower-income housing.

4. “Your trailer depreciates in value like a car.”

Um, no. Manufactured and Mobile Homes, like traditional homes, can appreciate and depreciate with the ebbs and flows of the market. And just like traditional homes, Manufactured and Mobile Homes must be taken care of to maintain their value. I’ve seen traditional homes that have been completely demolished by the owners that no one would pay a cent for until finally the city had it condemned and eventually demolished. Three to four years ago we had a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom – 1964 Marlette that sold for $55,000. Those are both extremes, but it just goes to show you that, as long as you take care of the home, do upgrades when needed, you shouldn’t have to worry about it depreciating.

So, what did we learn from today’s Blog? First, “trailer parks” are for parking trailers temporarily. Second, you don’t have a better chance visiting The Wizard of Oz if you live in a Mobile Home. Third, Manufactured and Mobile home living is for folks of all incomes and backgrounds. Fourthly, if you take care of your Manufactured and Mobile home, your house should at least keep its value.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!!

Angie Surratt
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