Sell My Mobile Home

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Sell My Mobile Home

Can you sell my mobile home or manufactured home? We are licensed and bonded manufactured home dealers in Oregon and Washington and can help you sell your mobile home that is in a park or needs to be moved.

Then contact us today!

Helping Hand Equity specializes in the selling of Pre-Owned mobile homes and manufactured homes in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA Metro (SW Washington) areas.

We have been selling mobile homes since 2011 and have closed on over 300+ homes and several million in sales.  Thinking of selling your mobile home?  Click here to read our 5 tips to consider before selling.

Looking to Sell Your Home Quickly?

We are a full-service real estate solutions provider. We focus on creating solutions for any type of real estate (including mobile homes) situation or need. Some questions that sellers ask us, “Can you sell my mobile home or house quickly? How long will it take?”  The answer – it depends on your situation.

We can help homeowners who need QUALIFIED help for dealing with a foreclosure even in situations there is little to no equity. We can help homeowners who are behind on payment or substantial repairs are necessary to improve the property’s current condition before selling. We have helped homeowners who are facing a divorce, an illness, medical bills, probate, loss of a job, problem tenants and so many more situations.

We have qualified professions on staff that can help save your credit and in some cases save your home. We have programs where we can buy your home TODAY and give you, the homeowners, immediate debt relief.

Problems rarely go away, they just get worse. Call Angie or Ben now at 360-285-3434. Don’t delay, let us solve your problems and sell my home today!

Fill out the form below or give us a call at 360-285-3434 for assistance.  You can also find us on Facebook.

Why Sell With Us?

sell my mobile home sell my manufactured home helping hand equity

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