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we buy houses

Get CASH for your home TODAY!

We buy houses from home sellers looking to sell for many different reasons. Recent changes in the economy have created the need for more creative real estate solutions. There will always be a need for the traditional real estate market, but alternative solutions are important as well to keep the real estate market going.

Time to think outside the box

Alternative real estate solutions can help people in desperate financial situations. It can take a long time to sell a house right now if it is simply listed on the market. We buy houses fast – in as little as seven days. We buy houses so that you can move on with your life. We buy ugly and pretty houses too, because we can see a diamond in the rough.

Sell my house fast – any area, any condition!

You may be a homeowner living in a home that has been subjected to years without the maintenance required to keep your home in prime condition. Illness, divorce, or just plain being to busy are a few common reasons for neglect. At any rate, when you finally decide that you are ready to buy a new home, you are stuck trying to sell an eyesore. You don’t have the money or time to fix up your ugly house. Who would buy an ugly house?

We buy houses – ugly and pretty houses. We are in the business of buying homes just like yours, fixing them up and reselling them for a profit. We buy houses and can close on your home within seven days of you accepting our offer. We buy ugly and pretty houses, and sellers can get paid right away.

What about real estate agents?

Real estate agents are also in the business of helping home owners sell homes. But before you rush off to find the best agent in town, you should

Calculate the cost of doing business with a real estate agent first:

  • You will pay your agent a commission
  • You will pay fees at closing
  • Your agent may request that you invest in hiring contractors to repair and freshen up your home’s appearance
  • Your agent may suggest renting staging furniture for your home if you don’t live there to make it attractive to potential buyers.

It can be costly to do business with an agent when you look at things closely. We buy houses directly from home owners. When we buy houses, we do not charge a commission or fees when closing. If you are selling your home, why shouldn’t you get to keep that money?

We buy houses from sellers facing financial difficulty

Sellers facing particularly difficult times often wonder, “Who will buy my house?” Foreclosure can become especially difficult. Constant phone calls and letters in the mail are unnerving. You may feel powerless and not know what to do.

We buy houses from sellers in your situation and know how important it is to act quickly. We can help you keep from ruining your credit with a foreclosure, and we can help you get your house back. You can rent the home from us with an option to purchase.

We buy houses in almost any location in any condition and price range. We buy houses that are vacant and neglected, or occupied rental homes in “as is” condition.  Let us help you Sell TODAY!!


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