Mobile Home Financing: Is there such a thing?

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Truth About “Trailer Park” Living

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The Season of Home Selling and Buying is Returning: What You Need To Know

I’m not smart enough to give you a detailed analytical breakdown of the housing market, but what I can do is give you my observations as a Manufactured Home Dealer and Real Estate Solutions Provider. Here are some things to keep in mind when selling or buying a Manufactured Home or Traditional Home.

7 Tips For Buying A Manufactured Home

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Why Rent When You Can Own?….Seriously!

Why Rent When You Can Own?….Seriously!

For the most part, renting was always the first step in the natural progression to homeownership. You’d rent for maybe 2 to 5 years, all the while saving up your money for a down payment on your new house. You’d take the money you saved to the mortgage company, find a home with a realtor, sign all the required documentation at the title company, get the keys and enter your new home. Of course, it has never been quite that easy. But before the housing bubble burst in 2007/2008, it was darn close.