Buy A Mobile Home

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Thinking About Buying a Mobile or Manufactured Home?

Helping Hand Equity is your leading source in purchasing your own mobile / manufactured home. We’ve compiled some general information about the homes themselves and how we can help.

You can also listen to our Podcast.  It answers common FAQ’s about buying and selling a manufactured home.

The Homes

  • Never let the age of the home dictate your decision. We’ve seen homes built in the 1960’s in great condition, and other homes built much later almost ready to fall down. It really depends on the previous owners, and how much they cared for the home.
  • Most homes fall into either a Single Wide or Double Wide catagory. Single Wides are sometimes less expensive than Double Wides, but again – it depends on how well it was taken care of.
  • Just like stick-built homes, the first thing any buyer should look at on a walk-through is the roof, floors, kitchen and bathrooms.
  • We always recommend that our buyers tour the park that the mobile home is located. Make sure the park fits your needs.


The Parks

  • There are approximately 45 to 50 Parks in the Clark County area, and about 1,100 in the Portland Metro.
  • There are two types of parks; Family and 55+. Family parks are welcoming to those with families of all ages, while 55+ parks limit the ages of the residences.
  • Each park charges lot rent. The lot rent can very from $350.00 to $800.00 plus a month, and may or may not include the following: water, sewer, garbage, cable and internet.
  • Some parks allow pets and others don’t. For those parks that allow pets, there may be a weight limit or they may only allow service animals.
  • We recommend talking with the Park Manager to get all the rules and regulations pertaining to the park.



  • There are a few ways to get financing for a mobile home. Traditional methods, which are Banks and Mortgage Brokers. Credit and the age of the home are the what most of these lenders look at.
  • Some sellers are willing to carry a contract on the home or do some sort of owner financing, but most of the time they just want to be cashed out.
  • Helping Hand Equity does have access to lenders that offer financing for mobile homes.  However, lending limits and restrictions do apply.  Some lenders do accept ITINs.
  • If you’d like us to come with you to look at a home, we’ll not only go, but will give you our honest input.
  • Give us a call today at 360-241-5126 and we can recommend the right lender that fits your needs.