November 2022

loans for mobile homes in parks

Loans for Mobile Homes in Parks

Are there really lenders that that give loans for mobile homes in parks? Yes! Since 2011, we've been helping buyers get connected with lenders that provide loans for mobile homes in parks. A big myth we often hear, "you can't get a loan for a mobile home in a park, especially if the home is old." NOT TRUE! We've helped folks get loans on mobile homes in parks that were built in the 1960s. Yes,...

senior mobile home parks in clark county wa

A Guide to Senior Mobile Home Parks in Clark County, WA

Shopping for a manufactured home can be overwhelming. To help make your search manageable, we've put together a list of senior (ages 55 and older) mobile home parks in Clark County, Washington. If you need help searching for your next home, give us a call at 360-215-7372. Our company has been selling mobile homes in SW Washington and Oregon since 2011. Let's get started! Senior Mobile Home Parks...

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